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PSD TVET in Armenia

In Armenia, the PSD TVET programme works in the following sectors relevant for employment – wine, tourism, and IT/precision engineering. Based on needs assessments for skilled personnel in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME), we identify qualification offers appropriate for the selected value-chains. We support our public and private partners in jointly developing and implementing formal and non-formal training, including dual TVET programmes. We strive to promote sustainable and inclusive business models among MSME.

In TVET, we strive to achieve:

  • piloting of Dual TVET system elements in Armenia based on private-public sector cooperation;
  • support in designing government policies and regulations for TVET development for better employment in the country;
  • capacity building for TVET managers and teachers in the selected sectors;
  • facilitation of the TVET development processes of implementing partners on the strategic Level.

In the wine sector, we support:

  • local winemakers in improving and promoting their products;
  • introduction of the “organic wine” concept in the sector;
  • introduction of new viticulture and vinification services in the wine sector.

In tourism sector, we work to ensure:

  • sustainable tourism development in regions by reinforcing rural tourism products;
  • capacity building in service provision especially in guiding and ecotourism products development and promotion;
  • promotion and marketing of Armenian tourism products in Germany;
  • positioning of Armenia as a wine tourism destination.

In IT/precision engineering, we contribute to:

  • designing of models for private-public sector cooperation;
  • improving advisory services on the management level.


Attached to the “Private Sector Development and TVET in South Caucasus” programme one more project is being implemented in Armenia:

The “Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia” (EU-ITTD) project started in November 2019 and will run until April 2023. It is co-funded by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and is being implemented by German Development Cooperation GIZ under the umbrella of  the Private Sector Development and TVET South Caucasus Programme.  EU-ITTD is part of the EU4Business initiative (www.eu4business.eu) of the European Union. The project has an overall objective to ensure shared and balanced inclusive growth in tourism and innovative industries. This will be achieved through a) transformative, innovative tourism ventures in the Northern regions of Armenia, b) support to high tech and innovative entrepreneurs, c) international knowledge exchanges for high tech researchers and 4) networks for the benefit of entrepreneurship culture for students and general population groups.

Two more projects have already been finalized:

The “Support to SME Development in Armenia” or EU-SMEDA project commenced in 2016 to run until 2019. It was co-funded by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and it was implemented by GIZ’s “Private Sector Development in South Caucasus Programme”. SMEDA was part of the EU4Business (www.eu4business.eu) and EU4Innovation initiatives of the European Union. The objective of SMEDA was to improve the business and investment climate and support the creation and development of SMEs to enable broad-based growth in Armenia along five result areas.

The “Economic Integration of Syrian Refugees in Armenia” (EISRA) (duration – 2015-2018; www.syrarbi.am) project aimed at improving preconditions for economic integration of Syrian refugees in Armenia.