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PSD TVET in Armenia

In Armenia, the PSD TVET programme works in the following sectors relevant for employment – wine, tourism, and IT/precision engineering. Based on needs assessments for skilled personnel in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME), we identify qualification offers appropriate for the selected value-chains. We support our public and private partners in jointly developing and implementing formal and non-formal training, including dual TVET programmes. We strive to promote sustainable and inclusive business models among MSME.

In TVET, we strive to achieve:

  • piloting of Dual TVET system elements in Armenia based on private-public sector cooperation;
  • support in designing government policies and regulations for TVET development for better employment in the country;
  • capacity building for TVET managers and teachers in the selected sectors;
  • facilitation of the TVET development processes of implementing partners on the strategic Level.

In the wine sector, we support:

  • local winemakers in improving and promoting their products;
  • introduction of the “organic wine” concept in the sector;
  • introduction of new viticulture and vinification services in the wine sector.

In tourism sector, we work to ensure:

  • sustainable tourism development in regions by reinforcing rural tourism products;
  • capacity building in service provision especially in guiding and ecotourism products development and promotion;
  • promotion and marketing of Armenian tourism products in Germany;
  • positioning of Armenia as a wine tourism destination.

In IT/precision engineering, we contribute to:

  • designing of models for private-public sector cooperation;
  • improving advisory services on the management level.


Attached to the “Private Sector Development and TVET in South Caucasus” programme two further projects are being implemented in Armenia:

“Support to SME Development in Armenia” (SMEDA) (co-funded by the EU, duration – 2016-2019, www.smeda.am) with the objective to improve the national business and investment climate, support the development of SMEs and enable broad-based growth.

“Economic Integration of Syrian Refugees in Armenia” (EISRA) (duration – 2015-2018; www.syrarbi.am) aiming at improving preconditions for economic integration of Syrian refugees in Armenia.