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PSD TVET in Georgia

In Georgia, the PSD TVET programme works in the following sectors relevant for employment – wine, tourism, construction, and other sectors. Based on needs assessments for skilled personnel in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME), we identify qualification offers appropriate for the selected value-chains. We support our public and private partners in jointly developing and implementing formal and non-formal training, including dual TVET programmes. We strive to promote sustainable and inclusive business models among MSME.


In TVET, we work to ensure:

  • Capacity development for TVET institutions (National Centre for Education Quality Enhancement (NCEQE), vocational colleges, Teachers’ Professional Development Centre (TPDC), and others);
  • Developing labor market oriented curricula for long- and short-term trainings in the selected sectors;
  • Capacity building for TVET managers and teachers in the selected sectors;
  • Better aligning TVET to labor market needs, introducing practice-oriented learning methods and suitable management principles;
  • Piloting of Dual TVET training or apprenticeship programmes, particularly in the focus sectors construction, tourism, and wine;
  • Involving private companies in TVET and capacity development among in-company trainers;
  • Capacity development for TVET personnel in the selected sectors in collaboration with a CIM Integrated Expert at the TPDC.

In the wine sector, we support:

  • Further development of the dual TVET programme “Wine Grower, Wine Maker” in collaboration with the Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture;
  • The introduction of food safety standards among MSME;
  • The development of ecological/bio grape and wine production;
  • Establishing a national vineyard cadastre and enhancing transparency in the wine sector in collaboration with a CIM Integrated Expert at the National Wine Agency;
  • Development of wine tourism;
  • Enhancing traceability of Georgian wines.

In tourism, we contribute to:

  • Introducing and further developing dual TVET programmes and modules (Restaurant Expert, Hotel Expert, Chef, Catering Specialist, Bartender, and Confectioner) in collaboration with CIM Integrated Experts and the Senior Expert Service;
  • Capacity development for guesthouses in order to enhance their service provision quality;
  • Elaborating a strategy for GNTA and Georgia’s Convention Bureau;
  • Developing skills among SME crafts producers for prototyping souvenirs;
  • Identifying strategies for sustainable mountain resort development in selected regions;
  • Identification of vocational training needs of MSME in selected regions;

In the construction sector, we support:

  • Introducing and further developing dual TVET programmes and modules (brick-layer, carpenter, deep construction expert, drywall construction expert, tiler, road builder, welder) in collaboration with CIM Integrated Experts and the Senior Expert Service;
  • The development of qualification offers for occupational health and safety in construction in the context of EU standards;
  • A market analysis of resource-efficient construction materials;
  • The development of the Practitioner’s Guide on Energy Efficiency in Construction.


Linked to the “Private Sector Development and TVET South Caucasus” program – an additional project is being implemented in Georgia:

“SME Development and DCFTA in Georgia” (co-financed by the EU, duration 2015-2019). The purpose of the project is to support the implementation of the DCFTA related institutional and regulatory reforms in the country, with a strong focus on strengthening the capacities of Georgian SME, both to increase their competitiveness and to ensure their adaptation to the new regulatory environment.